WeChat – You don’t know about its Importance

WeChat You don't know about its Importance 1

WeChat (Chinese Pronounced by: Weixin) is a multi purpose, most famous Chinese Social Mobile application, was first released in January 21, 2011 developed by Tencent, which already have a QQ application. It is one of the largest messaging APP with monthly active users of about 1000 million and 902 million daily active users. it has everything, every function used by Chinese peoples.

Many peoples don’t know about this APP because it is only popular in China and you can do or buy anything by using WeChat APP.

There are many functions in WeChat used in daily life, such as, user can Play Games, Book Movie Tickets, Send and Receive money to people or in Bank Account, Book Taxi, buy Air Tickets, buy bicycle rides and much more.


WeChat began as a project at Tencent Guangzhou Research and Project center in October 2010. The original version of the app, was invented by Xiaolong Zhang, named “Weixin” by Ma Huateng, Tencent CEO and launched in January 2011. The government has actively supported the development of the e-commerce market in China—for example in the 12th five-year plan (2011–2015).

In 2012, WeiXin re branded as a WeChat for International Market as the number of users reached 100 million by the end of 2012. If you are going to compare WeChat with WhtasApp, it is in the competition but you can say it is more popular that whatsapp as 90% WeChat used by Chinese peoples and remaining 10% international users where as WhatsApp is used by worldwide not only in China.

WeChat have some social features also by which you can update your status or share your photos or videos on your moments, and only your contacts can see, like and comment.

Here is a list of Some Features of WeChat:

WeChat You don't know about its Importance 2

  1. Messaging (Text Messages, Audio Messages, Video Messages)
  2. Official Accounts (You can create your account and people may follow you to read your articles)
  3. Moments (Share your photos, videos or status with your contacts)
  4. WeChat Pay Payment Service ( you can transfer money to any person, transfer on mobile or reload from mobile, buy some foods, reload Internet data, mobile or pay any bill using this APP).
  5. City Cervice
  6. Heat Map
  7. Location Share (if you wana go to meet any friend, he may share his location to you and you can easily reach there by following the location map).
  8. WeChat Mini Program (In 2017, WeChat launched a feature called the “Mini Program”. Consumers could, for example, scan the Quick Response code using their mobile phone at a supermarket counter. The Mini Program app paid the supermarket bill through the user’s mobile wallet. There was no need to install additional applications on mobile devices and business owners could create mini apps in the WeChat system).
  9. WeChat Nearby people (This feature is for finding friends, chatting and flirting).

There are a lot of advantages of WeChat, you don’t need to have a Cash in your pocket, just bring your Mobile phone with money in your Bank Account and active Internet data in your mobile and you can visit whole China.

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