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Do you Know What happens on Internet in 1Minute

Do you Know What happens on Internet in 1 Minute

We just use internet for some official work, read articles, blogs, watch videos and music and use some social media to connect with family and friends.

But, Do you have any idea, what happens on internet in one minute? Users, Programmers, Bloggers and others are busy to update internet with a new data every second.

I’m going to tell you what happen on internet in every minute. Let me tell you in details.

1. Google:

Users performs more than 2 Million search queries in every minute.

2. YouTube:

Youtube is very busy, either by uploading or watching. It is always busy for uploading.

3. Facebook:

Facebook is very popular social media network. It is busy with posts and likes. Facebook gets 2460000 post, 108 Million Likes and 21000 GB of data in every minute.

4. Skype:

1.4 Million users connect with Skype in every minute.

5. Flicker:

Flicker gets 20 Million views in every minute.

6. Twitter:

Twitter gets 278000 tweets in every minute.

7. Snapchat:

104000 Photo shared in every minute.

8. Amazon:

Amazon sales about 83000 USD in every minute.

9. Pinterest:

11000 active users in every minute.

10. Instagram:

216000 Photo shared in every minute on Instagram.

11. Email:

Email is more used by social networks, professionals and students. Do you know 204 Million emails sent in every minute.

12. Tumblr:

Tumblr gets 120000 photos in every minute.

13. Websites:

About 600 websites registered in every minute.

14. WordPress:

About 21000 new blogs published in every minute on internet.

When you are busy in just Entertainment, Peoples are busy to update the Internet.

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