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Top 5 Search Keywords of 2017 in Google Search

Google just published the most popular search keywords from Pakistan during the year of 2017. The list Gives a great insight into people’s minds and Interest.

Google Published this list on their main/Home Page on 31st of December 2017. List contains different categories, Below are some popular.

Top 5 Searches of 2017 in Google Pakistan

General Searches:

1 ICC Champions Trophy
2 WWE Extreme Rules
3 Dangal
4 Raees
5 Half Girlfriend


1 Fabiha Sherazi
2 Nadeem Sarwar
3 Fakhar Zaman
4 Rishi Kapoor
5 Rida Isfahani


1 ICC Champions Trophy
2 The Kapil Sharma Show
3 Prime Minister Laptop Scheme
4 Barma
5 Shivratri

Google generates the lists by finding the search terms with a higher traffic as compared to the previous year in order to highlight only the top-searches and interests of this year.

Trillions of Google searches are explored each year, although, Google launched the list of most top searches of the year 2017

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