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Interview Call List School of Management and Engineering XJTU

List of Candidates called for Online Interview

Xi'an Jiaotong University Library

Xi’an Jiaotong University is one of the best University among all universities in China. It is located in the Shaanxi Province.

Many students apply in this university for Higher studies (Masters and Ph.D) on CSC and MOFCOM scholarship but this year, XJTU is going to conduct Online Video Interviews from its candidates. Interviews are starting from Tomorrow, i.e, 16-April-2018 at 5:30AM according to Pakistani Time as reported by engrz.org. You can also download complete list of candidates called for Interview from Here.

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How to prepare yourself for Online Interview

You need to prepare some basic questions with confidence. The first question is always about “Introduce yourself”, you must prepare yourself for self introduction with confidence.

The second questing normally from your previous work, such as, if you have published some research papers, they might ask you your contribution in these papers.

Well, the third question comes from your working experience if you are working somewhere.

You don’t need to worry about this, just relax and join the QQ group for online interview, Check your Internet connection, your microphone, WebCAM and other necessary requirements to avoid any error during online interview.

Interview process

Each student will have a 15 minutes interview session, which includes,

  • 2 minutes self-introduction in English
  • 13 minutes Q&A, which aimed on the comprehending of your interest region, your professional level and your study proposal.

Communication in English is preferred, but you may use Chinese during the interview if the application is approved by the examiner.

If no supplement would be made after the interview process, examiner would inform you to turnoff the video call. Please, do not send another video request to the examiner which would affect the ongoing interview process for other students.

For any questions, feel free to send email to xushan312@xjtu.edu.cn


Join QQ Group

1. First step: click Firend ,then click the red box in the picture

Join qq group1

2. Second Step: click Search Group, then type your group number

Join QQ group

3. Third step: click the small red box to add your group

Join qq

4. When you see this picture, you join in the group successfully. Notice: Please use your application number as your name in the group.(this is vey important!!!)


List of Candidates Called for Interview

Interview call1

Find out your name and check your time, make yourself available 15 minutes before your interview time.

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