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Top 10 Provinces/Municipalities in terms of the public charging poles in China

Top 10 Provinces in China

China Started public poles for charging their huge battery powered vehicles in various cities of China. Im sharing list of Top 10 Provinces with number of installed poles for charting E-Vehicles.

1. Beijing with 41,130 poles installed

2. Shanghai with 35,007 poles installed

3. Guangdong with 33,937 poles installed

4. Jiangsu with 28,464 poles installed

5. Shandong with 20,128 poles installed

6. Zhejiang with 13,090 poles installed

7. Tianjin with 11,657 poles installed

8. Hebei with 11377 poles installed

9. Anhui with 10968 poles installed

10. Hubei with 8240 poles installed


China is continuously increasing poles to various cities and provinces to facilitate peoples of china.


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