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Kyocera KY-01L – World’s Smallest, Thinnest, and Lightest Phone

Meet the Kyocera KY-01L – World’s Smallest, Thinnest, and Lightest Phone


World's Smallest, Thinnest, and Lightest Phone
World’s Smallest, Thinnest, and Lightest Phone

There are few gadgets appeared so small and slim so that they look like toys. Hence, today in this post, I will show you the world’s smallest, thinnest and lightest mobile phone, looks like in the size of credit card. It includes entry operator chip, sends text messages and make phone calls.

Well, today’s world where smart phone size increases say 7 inches of screen, it looks nonsense to have a credit card size smart phone.

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Kyocera KY-01L, a smart phone which has screen of 2.8 inches monochrome in e-paper. The battery lasts “a life”. This smartphone was developed by Kyocera and the Ky-01L aims to be the world’s thinnest and smallest phone, which has a thickness of 5.3 mm, which has the batter of 380mAh, the most important and shocking news is that, this phone includes 4G connectivity.

World's Smallest, Thinnest, and Lightest Phone

Well, this phone revealed as the “lightest” phone in the market with 47 gram of weight which make it featherweight with a credit card size.

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Here is presentation video, we can see that the equipment does not have all the functions we find in conventional smart phone nor the ability to install 3rd party applications but it is good for phone calls and send/receive text messages, also used to browse the internet.

This phone will be introduced in Japan’s NTT Docmo in November 2018. It is not predicted that this phone will reach in international market and what will be its price. It is clearly pointed out by the chairman of the Japanese operator: Kazuhiro Yoshizawa: “Considering that the screens of smartphones are getting bigger, many people are asking for a smaller and easier to charge phone”.

World's Smallest, Thinnest, and Lightest Phone

In fact, lower class people only need a mobile phone to send and receive calls and sms messages, and they don’t care about other things such as apps. This will be popular smartphone with great intelligence.

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This 2.8 inch e-paper technology screen smartphone ensures the long batter life. Here, I want to clear one thing that, this phone has no any camera. The cost in Japan may be $280.

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