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15 Easy Steps to Apply for CSC Scholarship in China

15 Easy Steps Apply CSC Scholarship China

Well, there are lot of applicants looking on how to apply for Chinese Scholarship, so, I’m going to tell you very simple and easy steps to apply for CSC Scholarship in 2020.

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15 Easy Steps to Apply for CSC Scholarship in China

  1. First of all, very important step is to find a University that offers CSC Scholarship. Click here to find University.
  2. Find CSC Scholarship Webpage, we have already found for you. Click here
  3. Create account on China Scholarship Council (CSC) Website. Click here to create
  4. Fill CSC Scholarship Application form followed by step 3.
  5. Select “Category-B” for CSC Scholarship.
  6. Select University name and fill agency number of the university. Here is list of all universities with agency numbers and Subject. Download it from the link, file is attached there.
  7. Submit CSC Scholarship form and download the PDF version at the end.
  8. Attach all required documents with CSC form printed and make a full set of file.
  9. Check if the University requires any seperate application form, look into their website.
  10. If step “I” is required, fill it up, print and attach with your documents.
  11. Submit application fee if required as some university such as: Xi’an Jiaotong, HIT asks for application fee.
  12. Attach admission application and review all the documents again.
  13. Make two sets of the file, some universities require 3 sets, you need to take care of it.
  14. Check if there is an online application form, may require to upload docuemtns.
  15. Send all your documents to the university address and with for the result.

These are very simple and easy steps, however, you have to take care and apply accordingly. Feel free to ask any question in comments. I will be Happy to answer your questions. Your comments are really important for us.

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