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Rooting an Android Device is Beneficial or Destructive?

Rooting an Android Device is Beneficial or Destructive?

Rooting an Android Device is Beneficial or Destructive? | One of the top searches for android device is “Rooting”. To understand the pros and cons of rooting an Android device, first, you need to understand what is meant by rooting an Android device and why some users root their device? This is the era of technology and the smartphone in your pocket is an advancement of technology. Android is an operating system that was designed for commercial and non-commercial use. But several features of this operating system are disabled for users, either for future use or they are disabled to prevent a user from causing permanent damage. Removing the limitations and barriers and getting full access to the operating system is known as rooting. Rooting is a permanent process and a user can’t undo it. After rooting the phone user has more control of various features, settings and performance of the operating system. Basically, users root their device to get administrative privileges. Technology comes up with advantages and disadvantages as well. Being over smart is good but sometimes it cost you most. There are many benefits and drawbacks of rooting a mobile phone, for your understanding some of them are enlisted below.

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Rooting an Android Device is Beneficial or Destructive?

Advantages of rooting:

Rooting your android phone provides various benefits some of them are:

Extend Life:

User can remove bloatware and install custom ROMs after rooting phone. Many applications manage your phone resources in a better way but the user is bound to install them due to restrictions by the software vendor, rooting allows you to install these apps. User can get updates even after manufacturers stop supporting device.

Free up more memory:

Some applications require to be stored in a phone that takes up more memory of your device, by rooting a device you can move these applications to SD card to free up more space for additional files or apps. Even after rooting you can move pre-installed app to SD card.

Custom ROMs:

User can change the entire feel and look of a phone by custom ROMs. Custom ROMs can also speed up the processing power of a phone and this feature is the most powerful feature of rooted phones. There are hundreds of custom ROMs that you can install and take benefit.

Remove pre-installed apps:

Many applications are pre-installed in every device. Some of them are useless for various users, by rooting a phone user can remove unwanted apps and free up more internal space for further use.

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Disadvantages of rooting:

Rooting is beneficial in many ways but it has a destructive face that is remarkably harmful.

A roadway to viruses:

One and most common way to root phones is to flash a phone’s ROM with custom programs. These programs could be malicious and installing them on your phone is risky. Less reputable programs can steal data from your phone, even they can damage data. Manufacturers use the convenient way to achieve KYC compliance, but rooting device creates obstacles for them.

Risk of bricking:

If your phone gets damaged while rooting or after rooting, it becomes totally useless you can’t repair it under warranty. It is totally dead.

Voids Phone warranty:

Rooting voids phone warranty. After rooting devices can’t be serviced under warranty. The manufacturer requires you to use its device within limits. Crossing the boundary voids phone warranty. And if you purchased your phone on a lease you will break the contract with your carrier after rooting your phone.

Lack of performance:

Does anyone want to destroy his phone intentionally? Obviously not! Users root their phone to improve performance of their phone and many users claimed that after rooting their phone they got additional features and privileges but they performance speed.


User can get some advantages after rooting the phone but the consequences are more damaging than you can think. Everyone requires an unlocked phone that seems powerful but does you wish to have a bricked phone? In simple words, rooting has fewer advantages and more disadvantages, we recommend not to root your phone but the decision is yours.

Please note that, this is a guest post and published in a good faith.

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