Replacement of Debit Cards with Mobile Payment System in Pakistan 2019 | Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Fawad Chaudhry, has declared that his next assignment after the lunar calendar will be to convert debit cards and cash payment with a mobile payment system.

He said in his tweet on Monday morning “After the successful launch of the lunar calendar, my next challenge is to replace credit cards and debit cards with mobile phone payments,” . it will be very beneficial for the advancement of the country.

In addition, we want to tell you that the China is already on mobile payment system since 2011. Chinese Wechat is more advanced and popular multi purpose app for Instant Messaging and for mobile payment. We have already published “WeChat You don’t know about its Importance“.

Replacement of Debit Cards with Mobile Payment System in Pakistan 2019

On Sunday, Government of Pakistan just launched a website for “Moon Sighting Pakistan” which contains day to day calendar for the 5 years. after the successful launch, another step of converting debit card in to mobile payment system was taken on Monday morning.

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It is good step from the Government of Pakistan as everyone knows there is very difficulty to transfer money or cash. I hope that Pakistan Government must take an action to get online payment from all over the world so that our freelancers can take advantage from their skills.

Currently, there is no any system to receive money from outside of Pakistan. PayPal and other online payment systems are not working in Pakistan.

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please comment on this post if you are agree with online payment system in Pakistan.