Top 10 Positions

Top 10 Position Holders in 18-AR MUET

Department of Architecture (AR), Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro has officially announced the result of First term, First year Architecture (18-Batch) on Friday i.e May 30, 2019.

From the officially result, originally announced here, we are just concluding the top 10 position holders and are interested to publish their interviews if they can contact us, we are here to welcome them.

Well, On Engrz, we are always encouraging the students and professionals in their education. you can find “Top 10 Position Holders in 12-SW (5th term) MUET” and “Top 10 Positions in 5th term of 12-CS MUET”.

Total Number of Students Appeared

  • According to the result, total 61 students appeared in the final exam.

Total Number of Students Pass

  • Total 59 Students got success in all the subjects

Total Number of Students Failed

  • Total 12 students failed in various subjects out of 61

However, in this article we are going to publish Top 10 position holders of 1st year, First term of 18 AR batch. you are welcome to correct us if you find any mistake by email or in comments.

Top 10 Position Holders in 18-AR MUET (1st Term, First Year) 1

Top 10 Position Holders in 18-AR MUET (1st Term, First Year)

  1. 18AR112 with 3.94 GPA
  2. 18AR25 and 18AR 101 with 3.86 GPA
  3. 18AR01 and 18AR113 with3.81 GPA
  4. 18AR111 and 18AR115 with 3.78 GPA
  5. 18AR31 and 18AR117 with 3.75 GPA
  6. 18AR13, 18AR33, 18AR48 and 18AR106 with 3.72 GPA
  7. 18AR121 with 3.69 GPA
  8. 18AR08, 18AR15, 18AR28 and 18AR45 with 3.67 GPA
  9. 18AR05, 18AR32, 18AR103, 18AR104 and 18AR118 with 3.64 GPA
  10. 18AR07, 18AR09, 18AR11, 18AR34, 18AR36 and 18AR46 with3.61 GPA

Well, from the above result, some students got equal GPA and i include them in one category of position. Team congratulate Position holders and all the successful candidates for their success in the First semester.

If you are one of the position holder, you are welcome to contact me for your interview to publish on this website.