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PTCL Failed to resolve non technical issue since a year

PTCL Failed to resolve non technical issue since a year

PTCL Failed to resolve non technical issue since a year

PTCL Reviews: PTCL – Pakistan Telecommunication Limited, A well know telephone and internet service provider in Pakistan is failed to resolve a non technical issue since a year.

The complain is made online by email, live chat and automatic phone about bill receiving issue. every time they are just forwarding the complain to the concerned department but no any reply from the concerned team or department. In simple words, no solution.

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Here i want to remind the PTCL officers that, PTCL still exists only because of they are providing broadband service where there is no other competitors. Otherwise you are RIP……

Well, I know “There is no Power in the corrupted blood” and PTCL employees proved that buy just wasting the time.

Why PTCL is going back?

PTCL is going back just because of their employees which are not sincere with their duties. I just had a live chat with an agent, asking for a complain status and he said they have dispatched a bill 5 days ago by TCS. When i asked for a tracking id, he provide me fake tracking id which does not exists.

I want to know they are there to resolve the problems are there for creating a new problems?

Here is our chat history.

PTCL Live Collaboration   transcript
CHAT STARTED AT 2:06 PM, 23 Jul 2019.
AFAQUEstatus of complain number 70 against 022-xxxxxxxxxx2:06 PM

You are now chatting with SA-Rafique

Welcome to PTCL Customer Care. 2:07 PM

Please wait and stay with us 2:08 PM

AFAQUEi want to remind you that you are the same who registered this complain 2:08 PM

xxxxxxxxx 2:08 PM

AFAQUEyes 2:08 PM


AFAQUEwhen it is dispached, how many years it will take to arrive in jamshoro? 2:09 PM

AFAQUEdo you want dispatch it after due date? 2:10 PM

AFAQUEyou see, its a non technical issue which is still un resolved since many months.

How are you going to face technical issue? 2:10 PM

Please wait and stay with us 2:11 PM

tell me address 2:13 PM

AFAQUEwhat the hell is this? 2:14 PM

AFAQUEyou said the bill is dispached, still you are asking for the address 2:14 PM

if not recive thats why confirm address 2:14 PM

AFAQUEon which address you have dispached the bill?2:14 PM

if not recive thats why confirm address 2:15 PM

AFAQUExxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Jamshoro 2:15 PM

Please wait and stay with us 2:16 PM

AFAQUEi come to know that there is no power to you and your manager who is still unable to resolve a simple complain which dont need any effort or money.2:16 PM

ji yahi hai 2:16 PM

AFAQUEwhen you have dispached? 2:17 PM

AFAQUEtell me the address and tracking number 2:17 PM

on  18 th july 2:17 PM

AFAQUEmay i know the tracking number 2:17 PM

Please wait and stay with us 2:18 PM

1-333306764270 2:19 PM

AFAQUEso you just dispached and you are not responsible to ask from the customer whether the complain is resolved or not? 2:19 PM

AFAQUElet me track it 2:19 PM

sure sir 2:20 PM

AFAQUEthis is invalid tracking number, no data found 2:20 PM

this is close thats why 2:21 PM

AFAQUEwhat is close? 2:21 PM

mean resolve 2:21 PM

AFAQUEyou send it to me, and im talking to you that i havent received any bill 2:22 PM

AFAQUEand i want to inform you that you may track your parcel few days after it is deliverd 2:22 PM

AFAQUEthe number you send to me is fake and does not exists 2:23 PM

Please wait and stay with us 2:23 PM

will check and send 2:25 PM

AFAQUEso you havent send yet 2:25 PM

AFAQUEyou know, if you send it by tcs, we can claim the with a panality 2:25 PM

right sir 2:26 PM

AFAQUEim going to publish an article on www.engrz.com with this chat. Please read it after one hour 2:26 PM

AFAQUEif possible, share the link with your head of departments 2:27 PM

right sir 2:27 PM

Dear Customer, are you with us? 2:28 PM

AFAQUEyes 2:29 PM

will send bill 2:29 PM

AFAQUElet see…. how many times you are providing a fake tracking id…  2:30 PM

AFAQUEas you said it is resolved, but i havent received, now if you are sending again, email me the tracking id so that i can track it before the resolution: my email id is: afaque@qq.com 2:30 PM

we will send 2:31 PM

Dear Customer, are you with us? 2:33 PM

AFAQUEim with you  2:33 PM

we will send bill 2:33 PM

If you are have complaints about PTCL, you are welcome to share your views in the comments.

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