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Ph.D GRE Subject Result for Various Programs MUET Jamshoro

Ph.D GRE Subject Result for Various Programs MUET Jamshoro, MUET Jamshor main gate
Main Gate Mehran University

Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro has updated its Ph.D GRE Subject result conducted for the admission in Various Postgraduate Programs in Mehran University for the session 2020.

Directorate of Postgraduate Studies MUET announced it officially on 22nd of January 2020 on official website of Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro.

Ph.D GRE Subject Result for Various Programs MUET

01 Mr. Sher Khan S/o Chand Mohammad 72
02 Mr. Saeed Ahmed Memon S/o Bashir Ahmed Memon 40
03 Ms. Tasneem Aliya Laghari D/o Jumma Khan 72
04 Mr. Muhammad Siddiq Raza S/o Muhammad Ishaq Shaikh 37
05 Mr. Muhammad Afzal S/o Muhammad Junaid Sahito 33
06 Mr. Umair Khalid S/o Khalid Pervaiz 71
07 Mr. Ali Bux Mugheri S/o Muhammad Usman Mugheri 70
08 Mr. Nabi Bux S/o Muhammad Ismail Kalhoro 37
09 Mr. Farhan Ahmed S/o Khalil Ahmed 71
10 Mr. Shafique Ahmed S/o Muhammad Khan, 70
11 Mr. Amanullah Tunio S/o Hidayatullah Tunio 36
12 Mr. Riaz Ali S/o Din Muhammad Baloch 70
               CIVIL ENGINEERING
01 Mr. Mustansar Hussain S/o Liaquat Ali 57
02 Mr. Saqib Ali S/o Sharafuddin Almani 59
03 Mr. Shakeel Hassan S/o Muhammad Hassan 53
04 Ms. Shamotra D/o Jay Kirshan 74
05 Mr. Haider Ali S/o Nisar Hussain 71
06 Mr. Ammaar Noor Memon S/o Noor Ahmed Memon 78
07 Mr. Noor-Ul-Islam S/o Ali Akbar Soomro 43
08 Mr. Asif Abbasi S/o Prof. Dr. Abdul Ghafoor Abbasi 79
09 Mr. Jazib Qadir Shah S/o Abdul Qadir Shah 71
01 Mr. Shoaib Rehman S/o Abdul Rehman 51
02 Mr. Saeed Ahmed S/o Abdul Sattar 76
03 Mr. Shakeel Ahmed  S/o Khuda Bakhsh 70
01 Mr. Manoj Kumar Slo Mohan 74
02 Ms. Shabana Ganghro D/o Abdul Razaque 71
03 Mr. Ali Muhammad S/o Ghulam Hyder 54
04 Mr. Abdul Majeed S/o Abdul Hameed Absent
05 Mr. Nisar Ahmed S/o Ghulam Rasool 70
06 Ms. Summayyah D/o Atta Ullah 56
07 Mr. Gul Zaman  S/o Shair Muhammad 85
08 Mr. Umair Hussain  S/o Niaz Hussain 71
09 Mr. Sarfraz Ali S/o Rasool Bux Abro 72
01 Mr. Akhtar Ali S/o Adam Ali Absent
02 Mr. Ali Aizaz S/o Fazul Haque 74
01 Mr. Shah Jahan S/o Gul Mohammad 70
02 Mr. Baqir Ali S/o Sher Ali 73
03 Mr. Haseeb Uddin Ahmed S/o Anwar Uddin 61
  Mr. Abdul Ahad Noohani S/o Abdul Qadir Noohani 75
  Mr. Muhammad Haris Khan S/o Muhammad Naqi Khan 74
  Mr. Intizar Ali S/o Ahmed Bux Tunio 82
  Mr. Ameen Khan S/o Ghulam Nabi Absent
  Mr. Najee Ullah S/o Bakim Baksh 74
  Mr. Faisal Maqbool S/o Maqbool Ahmed 72
  Mr. Waqar Hazoor Ansari S/o Hazoor Bakhsh 62
  Mr. Farhan Ahmed Magsi S/o Shabir Ahmed Magsi 70
  Mr. Salahuluddin S/o Nizamuldin 76
  Mr. Nadeem Ahmed S/o Dilee Jan 70
  Mr. Muhammad Muneeb S/o Muhammad Ayub 71
  Mr. Muzmil Hussain S/o Muhammad Juman Memon 72
  Mr. Khalil Ur Rehman 73
  Mr. Bharat Kumar S/o Gotam 71
  Ms. Sania Rehman D/o Abdul Rehman Memon 70
  Mr. Shahbaz Khan S/o Meeral Khan 71
  Ms. Musrat Gul D/o Shah Ali Bhellar 74

All the eligible candidates in PhD programs are hereby advised to pay the required fees, get the Roll No. from the office of Postgraduate Studies and attend the PhD compulsory classes from Friday 24th January 2020 as per time table uploaded on MUET website.

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