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Last Date to Apply for CSC Scholarship China 2021

Last Date to Apply for CSC Scholarship China | Well, most of the users are looking for knowing about the deadline/last date of Chinese Government Scholarship China for the session 2021.

Last Date to Apply for CSC Scholarship China 2021

Last Date to Apply for CSC Scholarship China 2021

To be honest, you can not find a single last date for all universities, but, usually the last date for Chinese Government Scholarship is 15th of March every year. for your reference, you can find an article about this which earns more than 80K reads in a month.

Every University of China announce different date as a last date for the application but i would like to suggest you to prepare your documents in the November/December, it is because some universities such as: Harbin Institute of Technology announced their last date December 25, 2019.

You’ll find different dates for different universities, but for the CSC (China Scholarship Council) process the admissions after 15th of March every year.

you’ll find may articles about interview calls from universities in the end of march or mid of April. it is because universities short list your name and send to CSC for final approval.

Last Date for CSC Scholarship China 2021

March 15, 2021

Can you apply for CSC scholarship in more than one university?

The answer is yes and as it increases your chances to win the Scholarship. You can apply for the CSC Scholarships in more than one university. However, you will have to fill different CSC Scholarship online application form for each university or institution.

How do I apply for CSC scholarship 2021?

Fill CSC Scholarship Online Application Form

Insert agency number of your Chinese University in CSC Scholarships online application form. Select the type of the CSC Scholarship award which you want and select ‘category B’ Fill your credentials and desired degree course you want in China.

How do I find a professor for CSC Scholarship?

Visit concerned university faculty profile, find a professor which match your field of study, look for his/her email address and send email for acceptance request.

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