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Engrz.com is an Engineering and I.T blog where we provide easy access to Engineering articles, notes, scholarship updates, old papers, slides, Lecture notes, sessional marks, e-Books and result announcement or any other information to Engineering students.

Engrz Mail

Engrz Mail is the ultimate solution for all your Email and Web Chat service requirements. It is unique, feature rich, fast, flexible, scalable and secure. The Ajax based live email service makes email management very easy for you. The web based live chat service with instant messaging and group chat options keeps your friends always connected.

Example ID: [email protected] | [email protected]

URL: email.engrz.com

Why Sign up for ENGRZ Mail?

  • ENGRZ Mail identifies you as an Engineering Student, Professional or person working in the field of Engineering.
  • Gives you a more reputable email address [email protected] to put on your resume/CV.
  • You are a small Engineering firm looking for a professional and credible email address.

Contact Us:

Website:  www.engrz.com

Email:        [email protected]

Mobile:      +8615691780842

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Engrzpakistan

Twitter:     www.twitter.com/engrz

Google Plus: plus.google.com/+Engrz

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