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Comparision of Petrol and Diesel Engine

Petrol Engines Diesel Engines A petrol Engine draws a mixture of petrol and air during suction stroke. A diesel Engine draws only air during suction stroke. The Carburettor is employed to mix air and petrol in the required proportion and to supply it to the engine during suction...
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Mid-Semester Exam Time Table MUET (All Departments)

Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro Announces Mid-Semester Exam time table (1st and 3rd Term) for all departments. Exams shall start from 3rd-March-2014 at 12:15PM (3rd Semester) and 1:30 PM (1st Semester) Monday to Thursday. Friday Timings: will be 10:30 AM to own words for 3rd Semester...
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What is a rich Internet application?

Historically there have been major shifts in the software industry. We moved from mainframes with dumb terminals to client/server. Users gained in convenience and productivity, and mainframe systems were patronizingly labeled as legacy. With the availability of the World Wide Web industry, visionaries turned the tables; vendors and corporate IT had...
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Rich Internet Applications with Adobe, Flex and Java pdf book

About the Authors Yakov Fain is a Managing Principal of Farata Systems. He’s responsible for the enterprise archi-tecture and emerging technologies. Yakov has authored several Java books, dozens of technical articles, and his blog is hugely popular. Sun Microsystems has awarded Yakov with the title Java Champion. He...
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Radio Frequency Electronics

Radio Frequency Electronics   This second, much updated edition of the best-selling Radio-Frequency Electronics introduces the basic concepts and key circuits of radio-frequency systems. It covers the fundamental principles applying to all radio devices, from wireless single-chip data transceivers to high-power broadcast transmitters.
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