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3.8 The common methods of safety are as follows: 1. Safety by construction or design. 2. Safety by position. 3. Safety by using fixed guards. 4. Safety by using interlock guards. 5. Safety by using automatic guards. 6. Safety by using trip guards. 7. Safety by using distance guards. 8. Safety by workplace layout and… Read More »


There are three major types of fires which are given as under. Type 1 Fires occurring due burning of ordinary combustible materials such as wood, cloth and paper. Pouring water is the most effective way for extinguishing this kind of fire. Type 2 Fires occurring due burning of flammable liquids such as oils, petrol, grease… Read More »


The important factors while planning for installation of plant include availability of space, power, water, raw material, good climatic conditions, good means of communication, ancillaries, low local taxes and similar other economic considerations, marketing facilities for the planned product, space for process disposal and skilled and unskilled labor locally. One has to keep in mind… Read More »


Ferrous metals are iron base metals which include all variety of pig iron, cast iron wrought iron and steels. The ferrous metals are those which have iron as their main constituents. The ferrous metals commonly used in engineering practice are cast iron, wrought iron, steel and alloy steels. The basic principal raw material for all… Read More »


A large numbers of engineering materials exists in the universe such as metals and non metals (leather, rubber, asbestos, plastic, ceramics, organic polymers, composites and semi conductor). Some commonly used engineering materials are broadly classified as shown in Fig. 4.1. Leather is generally used for shoes, belt drives, packing, washers etc. It is highly flexible… Read More »

Project Management Full E-Book

Preface This book chronicles the exploits of Brad—a fictional character who’s been thrust into the wonderful world of project management. Just like many project management professionals I’ve met in my many years in the field, he was drawn into the battle reluctantly, but he emerged wanting more. And as you will soon discover, project management… Read More »

Google Car has completed its test drive

Now you don’t worry about driving, you don’t  need to learn drive if you are not interested because Google has launched its robotic car which can move to your destination without driver and you can sit back and take rest. White color Google car lexus SUV RX450H, has completed its test drive in the highway… Read More »

Meter Definition

Definition: The international metre may be defined as the shortest distance (at 0C) at zero degree centigrade between the two parallel lines, engraved upon the polished surface of platinum iridium bar, kept at the bureau of weights and measurements at severs near pairs.