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What is Spam Mail in Gmail – Gmail Spam Report

What is Spam Mail in Gmail – Gmail Spam Report No doubt that Gmail is a Biggest Emails service providers which has lot of features and a lot of diskspace, but as this is a biggest company so the spammers are targeting to such a big companies, like you have …

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How to Change Win7 Theme to Mac OS X

MAC OS is brightly known as one of the best Operating Systems that have been created in the Computer history, but it’s pretty popular by its high cost. Along with Windows 7, which also is a great Operating system and one of the most sold OS from Microsoft. We know …

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How to Change Facebook Login Background

The traditional Facebook login screen is very boring and monotonous since it took a long time with no changes. Maybe Facebook have forget about changing that Background Screen or even a little changes. Now you can change the Facebook Screen Background to any Picture that you want to put, using …

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How to Upload File to Multiple File Hosting Websites

  When you want to Share a file, the only place to do this is File Sharing/Hosting Websites such as Hotfile, Rapidshare, Bitshare and others. You can upload your file to those File Hosting servers easily, but when you want to upload your file to Multiple sites at once this …

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Learn: How to Make your Blogger Blog ready for Mobile Phones

As you know, millions of people use their mobile phones to access internet. The  mobile internet speed is also very fast these days with 3G’s , mobile  apps,etc. From this, we can say many of your readers are coming to your  blog through mobile phones..But, if you don’t make your …

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How to Restart windows without shoutdown

Every time you install a software that have an intervention on your Hardware devices it asks for Restart for changes to take effect (Just like Daemon Tools), obviously you will restart your computer and wait all the time for shutdown and the long startup. This is a very simple trick …

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