China University of Geosciences Enrollment Guide for International Students 2023

General Information:

China University of Geosciences (Beijing) was founded in 1952. It is a national key university of the People’s Republic of China, administered directly by the Ministry of Education, which established the University in partnership with the Ministry of Natural Resources. In 2017, CUGB was selected into the Double First Class Disciplines University plan.

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CUGB is a research-oriented university with geology, natural resources, and environment study as its principal fields, covering science, engineering, liberal arts, management, economics, law, and other disciplines. Two disciplines—geology, geological resources and geological engineering—were selected as national “Double First Class” disciplines, and two disciplines received A+ in the fourth round of discipline evaluation carried out by the Ministry of Education. The six disciplines of geosciences , engineering science, environment / ecology, materials science, chemistry, and computer science are in the top 1% of the ESI, with geosciences being in the top 1‰.

1. Enrollment Discipline (Major)

Enrollement Discipline-yadgar1.png

List of Disciplines for Postgraduate Enrollment (Taught in Chinese)

Enrollement Discipline-yadgar2.png

List of Disciplines for Postgraduate Enrollment (Taught in English)

Enrollement Discipline-yadgar3.png

Graduate student enrollment of each school

Enrollement Discipline-yadgar4.png

2.Application conditions and documents required

Conditions for Applying

(1) Foreign citizens who are physically and mentally healthy, law-abiding and holding valid passports.

(2) Undergraduate applicants are under the age of 30, master’s applicants under the age of 35, and doctoral applicants under the age of 40.

(3) Applicants should have a degree equivalent to a Chinese degree.

(4) To apply for Chinese-taught majors in CUGB, you need a Chinese proficiency certificate of HSK-4 (inclusive) or above. To apply for English-taught majors in CUGB, you need the corresponding language skills.

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Documents for Applying:

(1) Application form
(2) Academic diploma
(3) Academic record
(4) Study plan in China
(5) Two reference letters for Doctoral degree
(6) A photocopy of the applicant’s passport
(7) Original Heath Exam Form
(8) A photocopy of HSK-4 certificate

(9) Certificate of No Criminal Record
(10) A photocopy of the applicant’s emergency contact
(11) Photographs

3. Time for Application:

1.Self-funded student:From October 15, 2022 to June 30, 2023
2. Chinese Government Scholarship:From October 15, 2022 to February 15, 2023
4. Length of Schooling, Tuition, Accommodation & Other Living Fees

    (1) Length of Schooling:

    Bachelor’s Degree (4 years)

    Master’s Degree (3 years),

    Doctoral Degree (4 years).

    (2) Application fee (RMB 500 Yuan).

    (3) Tuition fee (per year)

    For bachelor’s degree RMB 26000 ~39000 Yuan (about US$4300) ;

    For Master’s degree RMB 28000~42000 Yuan (about US$4600) ;

    For Doctoral degree RMB 35000 Yuan (about US$5800).

    (4) Accommodation

    2 people each room, 1200-1500 yuan per person per month.

5. Scholarship

1.Chinese Government Scholarship

1)Type A

    Applicants submit their applications directly through the local embassy or consulate general. Please query the contact information of the Chinese embassies consulates abroad through the website of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The application time is generally from November of the current year to April of the next year. When filling the “applicant institution” in the Application Form, please fill in “China University of Geosciences (Beijing)” as the first volunteer office. It is suggested that applicants should apply to the embassies and consulates abroad after confirming the receipt of the pre admission notice. The deadline for application and other relevant information should be subject to the embassies and consulates abroad.

(2)Type B

    1. Login the website:,register and upload materials as required. Program Category Type B. Agency No.: 11415.

    2. Login the website:,register and upload materials as required.

2. Beijing Government Scholarship

    Self-funded students should consult their college after registration.


Contacts:Huang Xu



Office address: Room 415, Office Complex, China University of Geosciences (Beijing)


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