Facebook Improves Messenger with Additional Features

Facebook Messenger has been a staple in the messaging world for quite some time now, and in Pakistan, it’s a close second to WhatsApp in terms of popularity. According to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority’s latest report, Facebook is the second most popular social network in the country, coming in just behind YouTube.

Facebook Improves Messenger with Additional Features

Facebook Improves Messenger with Additional Features

The messaging app is now getting a significant upgrade with the addition of end-to-end encryption (E2EE) for extra security. Similar to WhatsApp and Instagram, Messenger is now offering E2EE, which means that only you will have access to your messages, and not even Facebook will be able to see them.

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In addition to the added security feature, Messenger is also bringing back some familiar features with a few updates. Chat themes will allow users to customize the background of their chats with static and gradient color options, similar to Instagram’s direct messages. Emoji reactions will now be fully customizable, giving users access to the full list of emojis to choose from.

Group profile photos will help users organize their group chats even better. For instance, if you have multiple group chats with similar names, group profile photos will now make it easier to distinguish between them. Link previews will allow users to preview the contents of a hyperlink without having to open it.

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Active Status, similar to WhatsApp and Instagram, will let users see if someone is currently using the app or when they were last active. Users can also choose to turn this feature off for privacy. Bubbles on Android will allow users to keep a shortcut for their Messenger chats while using other apps. A circle with your friend’s profile picture will float on your screen, allowing you to read and reply to that chat.

Meta promises that over the next few months, users will start seeing an extra layer of protection on their chats along with all of these new features. This update will bring a new level of security and customization to the already popular messaging app, making it an even more convenient and enjoyable experience for users.

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