Google Maps Gets AI Boost: Bard Unveils Image Generation Feature

In a recent move, Google has introduced powerful generative AI capabilities to its Maps platform, bringing about significant improvements for Bard. The noteworthy update includes Bard’s newfound ability to harness Gemini Pro, Google’s cutting-edge multimodal AI model, across all languages and regions where Bard is available.

Google Bard AI, Free Image Generator

Previously confined to the English language, the integration of Gemini Pro with Bard brought advanced features in areas like comprehension, reasoning, summarization, and coding.

A major leap forward is Bard’s newly acquired capability to generate images, a feature accessible in English and available in “most countries around the world.” What sets this apart is that users can enjoy this image generation feature at absolutely no cost. The driving force behind this innovation is Google’s latest Imagen 2 model, designed to strike a perfect balance between quality and speed, delivering visually stunning and realistic results.

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Using Bard’s image generation is a breeze; users only need to input a brief description, and Bard responds by generating custom and diverse visuals to vividly illustrate the idea. To ensure transparency and authenticity, Bard employs SynthID to embed digitally identifiable watermarks within the pixels of the generated images, offering a clear indicator that these visuals are the result of advanced AI capabilities.

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This update not only enhances the user experience but also reflects Google’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI innovation for a more immersive and interactive mapping and information experience.

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