Introducing YouTube Premium Playable: Discover 37 in-app mini-games!

Google is providing access to YouTube Playables, a collection of 37 mini-games built into the YouTube app on desktop and mobile. The new “Playables” service, tested earlier this year, now invites YouTube Premium members to try out the games via special notifications. Although the feature is scheduled to be available by March 28, 2024, it appears that the YouTube team is still evaluating user feedback.

Introducing YouTube Premium Playable: Discover 37 in-app mini-games!

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Introducing YouTube Premium Playable: Discover 37 in-app mini-games!

To access these games, YouTube Premium members can enable the feature and go to the Games section of the app’s Explore tab. Popular mobile games such as Angry Birds Showdown, Stack Bounce, Daily Solitaire and others can be enjoyed directly in the app, eliminating the need for installation.

Although YouTube often experiments with new features, not all of them reach a wide audience. But given YouTube’s already substantial presence in the realm of gaming content, the addition of a free selection of casual games could provide additional value for YouTube premium users.

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In a parallel move, Netflix has ventured into gaming, offering a variety of games to subscribers on iOS and Android. After shutting down Google’s Stadia cloud gaming service, Netflix has turned its attention to gaming, working on several exclusive games for the studio and launching a new cloud gaming service on TVs in beta in August.

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