Netflix Confirms No Dedicated App for Apple Vision Pro: Here’s Why

Apple’s Vision Pro headset has garnered impressive pre-order sales, estimated between 160,000 and 180,000 units, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. However, potential buyers excited to stream Netflix on their new device will face disappointment, at least for the time being.

Netflix app absence on Apple Vision Pro

Netflix Confirms No Dedicated App for Apple Vision Pro: Here's Why

In a recent interview with Stratechery, Netflix co-CEO Greg Peters clarified that the streaming giant currently has no plans to develop a dedicated Netflix app for the Vision Pro. Peters cited practical reasons, noting that the current user base of the headset isn’t substantial enough to justify the resources required for app development.

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“We have to be careful about investing in areas that may not yield a significant return,” Peters explained. “While we’re in discussions with Apple, the device’s limited user base makes it less relevant to most of our members.”

However, Peters didn’t rule out the possibility of a future Netflix app for the Vision Pro, suggesting that it may become viable as the VR market evolves.

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Netflix isn’t alone in its decision to abstain from developing native Vision Pro apps initially. Other major platforms like YouTube and Spotify have also chosen not to create dedicated applications, although they can still be accessed through the headset’s web browser.

In contrast, Apple’s own streaming service, Apple TV+, is embracing the VR landscape with the launch of “Apple Immersive Video,” featuring 180° 3D footage in 8K resolution accompanied by Spatial Audio.

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While Netflix has previous experience in the VR realm, including the launch of a VR app in 2015 and immersive content like the 360° video based on “Stranger Things,” it seems unlikely that the Vision Pro will integrate the platform in the near future. However, the door remains open for potential developments down the line.

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