Types of Automation

Automated Production systems can best be classified into three basic types Fixed Automation Programmable automation Flexible Automation Fixed automation: is system in which the sequence of processing ( or assembly) operations is fixed by the equipment configuration. The operation in the sequence are usually simple. It is the integration and coordination of many such operations… Read More »

Introduction to Automation

INTRODUCTION: Automation is a technology concerned with the application of mechanical, electronic and computer-based systems to operate and control production. This technology includes: Automatic Machine tools to process parts Automatic assembly machines Industrial robots Automatic material handling and storage systems Automatic inspection systems for quality control Feedback control and computer process control Computer systems for… Read More »

How to Change Yahoo Mail Password?

Changing Your Mail password is a good habit, if you have not changed your password a while, or you have some confusion about some one is reading your emails, then changing a password is a good idea. It is most important to select strong password rather than “123456” , “lovelyboy” , “cuteboy” etc. you must… Read More »

Request any Video on DailymotionHD.com

DailymotionHD.com is Video sharing and Online Playing website registered by Pakistani Peoples almost 3 months ago. DailymotionHD currently has 13,000+ Videos including movies, tutorials, songs, funny, dramas, stage shows and much more. The stats of DailymotionHD in 3 months is about 1.2 lakh hits per month and 60,000+ unique visitors per month. DailymotionHD provides High… Read More »

Difference Between Engine and Machine

CNC Milling Machine Engine: The term, “Engine” was originally used for any mechanical device that converts force into motion. In modern usage, the term engine typically describes the devices like steam engines and internal combustion engines, which burn/consumes fuel to perform mechanical work by exerting a torque or linear force to drive machinery that generates electricity,… Read More »