INTRODUCTION In a manufacturing organization, a job to be manufactured spends most of the time in moving and waiting. For reduction of this moving and waiting time of jobs/parts, it is necessary to have proper layout and proper scheduling procedure. Plant layout specifies the position of the overall...
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General Safety Precautions while Working in Machine Shop

The following safety precautions or guidelines are generally adopted for every metal cutting or machining shop. They must be strictly followed for safety. Specific safety guidelines for some of the machine process like lathe, drilling, shaping, planning slotting, grinding, milling, and finishing operations are also described in the...
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The accidents are the mishaps leading injury to man, machines or tools and equipment and may cause injury and result either death or temporary disablement or permanent disablement of the industrial employees. A survey was conducted in 1952 in America which specified that approximately ten thousands industrial persons...
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Objectives of Industrial Safety

The objectives of industrial safety are as follows: 1. Industrial safety is needed to check all the possible chances of accidents for preventing loss of life and permanent disability of any industrial employee, any damage to machine and material as it leads to the loss to the whole...
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Mis-happening of a large number of fire hazards, accidents, industrial disasters etc., can be reduced to the minimum possible extent through careful safety planning within an industrial organization. All these unwanted events can be prevented by effective planning for safety. Safety consideration includes proper layout of buildings and...
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In all kinds of industries, each shop supervisor is generally assigned the responsibility of safety in his shop regarding the men, machines and materials. Every supervisor in each shop ensures to the top executives in respect of all kinds of the safety matters. He is supposed to incorporate...
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Factors governing increased productivity, more accuracy, greater flexibility of shapes, and reduced manufacturing costs are forcing the manufacturing concerns to use computers in design, manufacturing and other allied functions of industrial activities. With an increase in the need for quality manufacturing along with the factors such as short...
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A product development has to go through the following concepts of product engineering which are given as under. Product functions 1. Product specifications 2. Conceptual design 3. Ergonomics and aesthetics 4. Standards 5. Detailed design 6. Prototype development 7. Testing 8. Simulation 9. Design for manufacture 10. Design...
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Engine Components

The following is a list of major components found in most reciprocating internal combustion engines (see Fig. 1-15). Block: Body of engine containing the cylinders, made of cast iron or aluminum. In many older engines, the valves and valve ports were contained in the block. The block of...
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Mass Moment of Inertia

It has been established since long that a rigid body is composed of small particles. If the mass of every particle of a body is multiplied by the square of its perpendicular distance from a fixed line, then the sum of these quantities (for the whole body) is...
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