Pakistan Set to Launch 5G Services by July-August 2024, Announces IT Minister

Exciting news emerges from Islamabad as Caretaker Federal Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunication, Dr. Umar Saif, announces plans for the launch of 5G services in Pakistan by July-August 2024. Speaking at the Pakistan Mobile Summit, the country’s first-ever mobile conference, Dr. Umar Saif revealed key insights into the upcoming developments in the telecom sector.

5G in Pakistan

Pakistan Set to Launch 5G Services by July-August 2024, Announces IT Minister

Dr. Umar Saif outlined that a 300MHz spectrum would be up for auction, paving the way for the introduction of 5G services across the nation. Emphasizing the need for an enhanced optic fiber network, he highlighted that only 6,000 out of approximately 56,000 mobile towers in Pakistan are currently equipped with optic fiber cables (OFC).

To bolster the local mobile industry, the federal government plans to grant a 3% Research and Development (R&D) allowance to mobile manufacturers, effective from the next fiscal year. This allowance is expected to increase to 8% in the following years, fostering innovation and growth in the sector.

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Dr. Umar Saif expressed optimism regarding the impact of these initiatives on local mobile manufacturers, aiming to promote self-sufficiency in electronic device production within Pakistan. He underscored the importance of aligning these efforts with the government’s broader strategy to boost the technology sector.

Highlighting recent achievements, Dr. Umar Saif revealed that Pakistan had assembled approximately 9 million mobile phones worth $1.5 billion over the past two years. With 35 different mobile phone brands actively contributing to the local manufacturing industry, the country aims to further capitalize on its potential.

Moreover, Dr. Umar Saif shared insights into Pakistan’s mobile phone exports, noting that nearly 250,000 devices had been exported, earning around $200 million in foreign exchange. Efforts are underway at the local level to produce components, with the ultimate goal of manufacturing fully assembled phones within the country.

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Pakistan, being the 7th largest market for cellular users globally with 191 million cellular connections, holds immense potential for growth in the mobile industry. Dr. Umar Saif reiterated the government’s commitment to supporting industry growth through various incentives, ultimately aiming to transition towards local manufacturing and exportation of mobile phones.

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