Samsung Galaxy Phones May Soon Get Car Crash Detection Feature

In the realm of smartphone features that could be true lifesavers, car crash detection has been a notable absence in Samsung’s Galaxy line. While competitors like Google Pixel and Apple have embraced this crucial safety feature, recent hints suggest that Samsung might be gearing up for a shift in its approach.

Samsung Galaxy Phones May Soon Get Car Crash Detection Feature: A Game-Changer in Safety

Samsung Galaxy Phones May Soon Get Car Crash Detection Feature

Car crash detection is a game-changer, especially in situations where reaching out for help after an accident is challenging. Smartphones equipped with various sensors, such as accelerometers and microphones, have the potential to analyze data and swiftly alert emergency services or designated contacts in the event of a car crash.

While Google Pixel phones and iPhones have integrated car crash detection since specific models, the latest Samsung offerings, including the Galaxy S24 series and Z Fold 5, currently lack this functionality. However, signs indicate that this might change soon.

Samsung Galaxy car crash detection

(Image Credit: PhoneArena)

Android devices, including those from Samsung, come with sensors capable of detecting motion, location, and sound. Despite evidence pointing towards the necessary hardware on Samsung phones, implementing this feature effectively requires careful consideration to avoid false alerts and excess battery consumption.

Digging into the Tasker app, Mishaal Rahman from Android Police discovered a sensor on the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and S24 Ultra named “Car Crash Detect Wakeup.” Further exploration revealed a system app called “MoccaMobile,” seemingly responsible for managing this sensor’s functionality.

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Interestingly, despite the presence of the sensor and app, no user interface related to car crash detection was found. In older One UI builds, the “MoccaMobile” app appears on phones without the “Car Crash Detect Wakeup” sensor, adding an element of mystery to the situation.

Samsung has not officially announced or marketed the inclusion of a car crash detection feature in the Galaxy S24 or Z Fold series. It raises the question: Is this feature currently in testing, waiting for a future release? Only time will reveal the answer. What remains certain is that car crash detection could be a life-saving addition for all Samsung Galaxy users, enhancing safety in unforeseen circumstances.

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