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Do you Know What happens on Internet in 1Minute

Do you Know What happens on Internet in 1 Minute We just use internet for some official work, read articles, blogs, watch videos and music and use some social media to connect with family and friends. But, Do you have any idea, what happens on internet in one minute? Users, Programmers, Bloggers and others are busy to update internet with …

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YouTube Releases Recap of Most Viewed Videos of 2017 – #YouTubeRewind

About 24 hours ago, we have noticed some change in the logo of YouTube as REWIND and it is about the best viewed videos of the youtube in the year 2017. the video is published on the official channel of YouTube with the name “The Shape of 2017”. What the video clip below to refresh your memories of 2017. YouTube …

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WhatsApp Blocked in China

It is not a surprise that the social app by Facebook, whatsapp is blocked by Chinese government. I want to mention here that many social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are already blocked in china and now another social app is blocked by China recent days. To make it more secure, Chinese government has removed vpn software and …

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How to share a portion of video on Youtube

Sometimes we want to share a portion of video with our friends which contains the stuff we want them to see, and the video length is too high so some times they skip they portion. here is a tip you can share that portion of video you want them to see. Step by step guide Step 1. Open youtube video …

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How to access Youtube Offline?

No doubt, Youtube is a largest video streaming website, there are a billings of users who spend their time to watch music, Movies, dramas and other stuff on this website. but there are some hidden features you might dont know. One of them is given here. Access Youtube Offline With this trick, you can save your favorite youtube video for …

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YouTube will provide the user with a television movie cost $10/month

China: Sina Technology News Beijing time December 3rd afternoon, according to the Wall Street Journal reported that people familiar with the matter, YouTube hopes to get the authorization of the film production company, to provide users with the price of $9.99 per month to subscribe television and movie subscription services, in order to strengthen the competition with Netflix and Amazon …

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